Written by Frank Shann
The twelfth edition of Drug Doses was published in January 2003. 

This edition has 92 pages with 1780 entries.  It lists every drug commonly prescribed for systemic use (except diagnostic agents) in both adults and children in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Although the booklet is comprehensive, it fits easily into your pocket.  It measures just 7cm x 14.5cm (2.7in x 5.7in), and is only 4mm thick.

Payment should be in Australian dollars by Visa, Amex or Mastercard.  The price includes economy airmail where appropriate.  A$1 = about US$0.70.

                         1-39 copies    40+ copies
                          ----------------    ---------------
Collected        $6.50 each    $6.25 each
Australia         $7.00 each    $6.50 each
Asia-Pacific    $7.00 each    $6.25 each
Elsewhere     $7.50 each    $6.50 each
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